The Music from Luna Soul is characterized by a fusion of Ukulele-Sounds and Guitar. It is majorly influenced by Soul Music, Jazz, Blues and Spanish Rhythms.


The german-spanish band bring together in their singer-songwriter way, a wide range of genres and styles, providing a diverse and unique musical experience. 


Their first Single "Higher", along with a music video was released in October 2019.


"HILLS OF TIME" is the title of the 9-track-debut album which was produced in Berlin and came out in December of 2019. Luna Soul released their second Single "Shelter" in January 2020.

J. Rubio was born and raised in Barcelona. He lived, worked and performed as an artist through out Spain, Portugal, France, England, Germany and Denmark, allowing him to pick up and develope a sense for different genres and styles of music. Due to his familie´s southern spanish origins, he grew up surrounded by flamenco music. Leaving Spain as a teenager rapidly became lured into Blues, Jazz, Soul and Funk music, which shaped and determined the music he writes and makes today.

Lisa Michèle was born and raised in Schwerin, northern Germany, close to the Baltic Sea. She obtained a degree in Musicology by the University of Hamburg alongside being a certified Yoga teacher. Becoming involved with music at an early age, she started writing songs as a teenager and released her first solo album "Raw" in 2018. As a musician, she has performed and collaborated extensively in different venues and festivals through out Germany, Austria and Spain. Her music is vastly influenced by indie rock, singer-songwriter and world music. 


 Besides being involved with Luna Soul, Lisa Michele is hosting Yoga & Music Sessions / Sound Healing and Retreats.


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